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Gas detection is industry specific. At New Cosmos – BIE, we serve many industries. Each industry has its own needs, we understand what is important to you. As a sensor manufacturer we are in control to create unique sensor solutions, suitable for your application. As a detector manufacturer we add features suitable for your needs. Specially in the field of research and development where applications are developed and tested, more analysis features from your gas detector are required. Together with unique communication and visualisation solutions we help you to bring safety in the best possible way.

Steel dust meters

steel dust meter SDM-72 SDM-73With the SDM-72 and SDM-73 you can diagnose the bearing condition, even long before wear-induced vibration becomes detectable, by measuring the amount of steel dust in the grease or oil around the bearing. No need to send your sample to a laboratory for analyses any longer. You now get on the spot direct measurement. The meter can be used in any rotating equipment application such as robots, wind turbines, elevators etc. Preventive maintenance is key for increase in uptime of your equipment.

Unique detection for speciality gases

At New Cosmos – BIE we understand what detecting of speciality gases means. Over 60 years of experience in the Semiconductor market has given us unique understanding in the detection of speciality gases and applications. Next to detecting these speciality gases, the understanding of cross sensitivity issues in this market is very important. Detecting TEOS or CO without interference of IPA is what we deliver. Hydride sensors that do not respond to Hydrogen is also unique. But also, in other markets we deliver. Detecting Hydrogen without interference to Methane or vice versa is part of our solutions. As a manufacturer of gas sensors and detectors we understand your needs. View our speciality gases page and see where we can be of benefit to you.

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New Cosmos - BIE teamWhen you have a need for gas detection in your facility, many questions will arise. Very often gases are invisible and sometimes do not smell. They might be lighter than air or not, or they react when getting in touch with moist air. Gas detection is a specialist profession. At New Cosmos – BIE we understand your application and needs. Please get in touch and together we will find your best solution.

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