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Semiconductor industry

Gas Detection for the
Semiconductor industry

In the Semiconductor industry, hazardous gases are part of the production process. Most of the gases are either toxic, flammable or combustible.

New Cosmos – BIE has a proven track record of being your reliable partner for ensuring the safety of your production facility. Where most suppliers use diffusion type detection,


New Cosmos – BIE advises for most applications suction type detectors with integrated long-life time membrane pump.

Special applications:

  • TEOS detection without getting false alarms on IPA
  • CO detection without interference on IPA
  • SiH4 senor without inteference from H2
  • H2S sensor not being cross sensitive for H2 and H2Se
  • SF6 sensors in low ppm range


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Why New Cosmos?

As a manufacturer of gas sensors and detectors, New Cosmos – BIE is in complete control of the performance of the detectors. With more than 60 years of experience in many industries we understand your needs. As a partner for many years to most of our customers we take responsibility and work closely together with our customers to get the best safety solution for gas detection. With technical support and preventive maintenance support we help our customers getting the best safety results from their gas detection system. Solution driven, flexibility and customer support are key drivers at New Cosmos – BIE.

Unique detection for speciality gases

At New Cosmos – BIE we understand what detecting of speciality gases means. Over 60 years of experience in the Semiconductor market has given us unique understanding in the detection of speciality gases and applications. Next to detecting these speciality gases, the understanding of cross sensitivity issues in this market is very important. Detecting TEOS or CO without interference of IPA is what we deliver. Hydride sensors that do not respond to Hydrogen is also unique. But also, in other markets we deliver. Detecting Hydrogen without interference to Methane or vice versa is part of our solutions. As a manufacturer of gas sensors and detectors we understand your needs. View our speciality gases page and see where we can be of benefit to you.