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Automotive Industry

New Cosmos – BIE has become a well-known name in the automotive industry by its variety of application solutions within the production chain at various automotive factories.

In cooperation with market leaders in this industry, solutions for difficult and potential dangerous application has been developed and proven to the best solution.

The following applications are our specialization;
-    Engine Test Cells, where we monitor CO emission
-    Valve stand; potential leakage of combustible gasses
-    Coating process; monitoring combustible gasses at the dry furnaces
-    Industrial robotics; measuring the wear and tear of the robot its bearings
-    Battery storage; leakage of Hydrogen, Ethylene and Acetylene are pick-up by our sensors.

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Selection of products suitable for this industry
thumb kd12 thumb pd-12 thumb monitoring panel thumb SDM-72 thumb XS-2200



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