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Hydrocarbons (%LEL detection)

Detectable hydrocarbons and combustable gases/ vapours

Acetaldehyde 2,2-Dimethylpropane  Methylmercaptan 
Acetic Acid Dimethylsulphide Methylpropionate
Acetic Anhydride 1,4-Dioxane Methyl n-propylketone 
Acetone Ethane Naphthalene
Acetylene Ethyl Acetate Nitromethane
Alkyl Alcohol Ethyl Alcohol n-Nonane
Ammonia Ethylamine n-Octane
n-Amyl Alcohol Ethyl Benzene n-Pentane 
Aniline Ethylcyclopentane iso-Pentane
Benzene, Biphenyl Ethylene Propane 
1,3-Butadiene Ethylene Oxide n-Propyl Alcohol 
n-Butane Diethyl ether n-Propylamine
Iso-Butane Ethyl Formate Propylene
Butene-1 Ethylmercaptan Propylene Oxide
cis-Butene-2 n-Heptane iso-Propylether
trans-Butene-2 n-Hexane Propyne
n-Butyl Alcohol Hydrazine Toluene 
iso-Butyl Alcohol Hydrogencyanide Triethylamine 
tert-Butyl Alcohol Hydrogen Trimethylamine
n-Butyl Benzene Hydrogen Sulphide Vinylethylether
n-Butyric Acid Methane o-Xylene 
Carbon Disulphine Methyl Acetate m-Xylene
Carbon Oxysulphine Methyl Alcohol p-Xylene
Cyclohexane Methylamine  
Cyclopropane Methylcyclohexane  
n-Decane Dimethyl Ether  
Diethylamine Methylethylether  
Dimethylamine Methylethylketone  
2,3-Dimethylpentane  Methyl Formate  

Measuring range

Standard range:  0 - 100% LEL (Lower Explosion Limit)


For the selective detection of a hydrocarbon at ppm level please search on the specific name of this gas or vapour.


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