Reliable and well proven
The SH-WAD range gas detectors have become the standard safety solutions for many production facilities and research centres. They are not only used in cleanrooms but also very useful in many other hazardous environments. The SH-WAD gas detectors can be equipped with universal plug-in modules for the provision of additional functions and communication protocols.


All units comply with the most stringent quality standards and are extremely reliable. With the integrated self diagnostics functions you are quickly notified on any possible disruption. In-Control Software will provide access to additional information about any changes in the status of the unit. By using an overall data-acquisition and monitoring system like SIMS-NX it is even possible to monitor the status of all detectors real-time. In this way there will never be a lack of clarity or information in case of an event.


The SH-4001-WAD/TEOS gas detector is a suction type detector with two integrated sensors. Because of a smart algorithm it can see the difference between TEOS and IPA. This enables the detector to detect TEOS without interference of IPA.