SIMS-NX Software
Sensor Information Management System A PLC-system has lots of advantages. But on its own, it fails to have the possibility of visualisation; it is a ‘blind box’. SIMS-NX is designed to monitor and display the signals of a large variety of sensors on pc screens.  that makes SIMS-NX the natural partner for a PLC-confi guration. The combination is hard to beat when it comes to flexibility,  reliability and functionality.


PACT Software
PACT is used to program the alarm handling procedures of the PLC-system. An user friendly, well structured, interface relates the input signals to the output actions. PACT is the only alarm handling software on the market which allows the user to change the settings real time, during full operation of the PLC. There is no down time required while making adjustments to the system! By using Profi bus-DP enabled detectors from the Observer WAD range it is even possible to add new detectors without interrupting the processes in the PLC.